Marcel Stewart, the abstract artist from Detroit, MI, has immersed himself in a multitude of noteworthy projects that have greatly honed his professional abilities. Visual art, in this technologically advanced era, wields unparalleled influence.  In depth, he delved into various art styles, mediums, and techniques. Since the year 2016, Marcel has been sharpening his skills in the realm of abstract expressionism using alternative forms that include watercolors, charcoal/graphite sketches, printmaking, and collages. Marcel's transition to acrylic has allowed him to explore a whole new range of possibilities in his artwork. The vibrant and bold nature of acrylic paints perfectly complements his abstract expressionist style. Marcel enjoys experimenting with different techniques and textures, creating dynamic and energetic compositions on canvas. His use of acrylics adds an extra layer of depth and intensity to his already powerful and emotive artworks.

Stewart's remarkable creativity enables him to eloquently communicate his thoughts and emotions through the medium of fine arts, skillfully employing a diverse range of colors, textures, and movements. His artworks captivate viewers with their mesmerizing compositions and evoke a profound sense of introspection. With each stroke of his brush or swipe of his palette knife, Stewart creates a visual symphony that transcends the boundaries of conventional art forms. His innovative techniques and bold experimentation continually push the boundaries of artistic expression, challenging the viewer to question their perceptions and embrace new perspectives. The depth and complexity of Stewart's work make him a truly unique and influential figure in the contemporary art world.

The value and demand for Marcel Stewart’s abstract work continues to grow as it is collected across the nation. Marcel’s fine art pieces hold the potential to improve professional/personal decor drastically and provide a luxurious transformation to your space.


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Exhibitions & more

  • “Be Legendary” – Solo Exhibition (Detroit, MI | 2019)
  • “Harlem Fine Arts Show” (Harlem, NY | 2020)
  • “The Color of Art” (Windsor, ON – Canada | 2020)
  • “The Original Art Show” – Group Show (Southfield, MI | 2020)
  • “Mainstreaming African American Art” – Panel Discussion (Detroit Institute of Arts – Detroit, MI | 2020)
  • “Visions of Change” – Charles H. Wright Museum (Detroit, MI | 2020)
  • “Gilda Snowden” – Group Show (Detroit, MI | 2021)
  • “Blooming In Color” – Group Show (Southfield, MI |2021)
  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History Annual Gala Fundraiser (Detroit, MI | 2022)
  • “Girl Scout Gala” – Group Show (Detroit, MI | 2022)
  • “Art Party 30” – National Conference of Artists | Group Show (Detroit, MI | 2022)
  • “Umoja Basel” – Miami Art Week (Miami, FL | 2022)
  • International Juried Abstract Art Finalist Award – Teravarna (2023)
  • Protégés: 20 Mentees” – Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum (Baltimore, MD | 2023)
  • “Art for the Heart & Soul” – Overlook Hospital (Summit, NJ | 2023)
  • “Traditions and Transitions” - MAYO Performing Arts Center (Morristown, NJ | 2024)
  • “My Story is Our Story” - Novartis Pharmaceuticals (East Hanover, NJ | 2024)